A battery can become a battery an infinite number of times

We pioneer battery recycling

Hydrovolt recycles EV batteries at its first industrial plant in Norway – with a promise to innovate for completely clean electrification.

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Recycle for a circular economy

We partner with car manufacturers, battery manufacturers and auto scrap dealers to reutilize valuable raw materials in EV batteries.

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Norway’s first EV battery recycling plant
A battery becomes a battery again and again
Completely clean electrification

More transparency

We innovate to ensure full transparency and traceability of the batteries through our recycling process.


Less transportation

We work to ensure easier logistics and reduced environmental impact, as we aim to operate locally.


Market pioneers

Running an operational plant since 2022, making us one of the leading actors in the market.


Smaller footprint

The plant is close to being energy neutral – and getting there soon.


100% materials back

We aim for the highest recovery rates in the battery market, and work our way up to a 100%.

Health and safety

Safer & cleaner

Our unique dry-environment process offers enhanced security and cleaner output.